Science Squad

What is Monash Science Squad?

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Monash Science Squad is an initiative that encourages children to choose what science they want to learn. It also allows them opportunities to choose how they learn science and also where and when they learn it.

Some of this science will be learned in school outside of the normal school day, e.g. as an extracurricular club (surpervised by their teachers) or through activities delivered by external science specialist providers. But most of the learning will take place outside of school during evenings, weekends and holidays, e.g. through visits to museums, parks and discovery centres. It is hoped that parents will support their children in their learning and oversee activities including engagement with suggested interactive websites.

The children collect learning credits linked to each hour of science-related learning that they undertake. Accreditation of learning in each of the areas identified above will be limited or ‘capped’ (over a time period governed by presentation of awards at celebration events) in order to encourage children to sample a range of different learning environments.

Children, their parents and their teachers will be invited to celebration events on a Monash University campus where the children’s efforts are showcased and acknowledged through the awarding of certificates.